Ovarian Cancer Platform
The Ask: To re-imagine patient support to include caregivers as an intelligent digital program that can deliver personalized care and support at the right place and time as it learns about users, the more they engage with it.

◉ Design a platform that can scale to different cancer types.
◉ Position AstraZeneca as a leader in ovarian cancer.
◉ Empower patients to take control of their journey.
My Role: Experience Design Director
◉ Conducted interviews and user testing with patients, caregivers, and healthcare providers. 
◉ Created a stakeholder value map, user flows, Intelligent User Profiling (IUP) process, and engagement model.
◉ Facilitated design workshops and brainstorming sessions.
◉ Managed multiple vendors while creating over 200+ content pieces for the initial Minimum Viable Product (MVP).
◉ Established a brand hierarchy that allows the program to scale to additional cancer types.

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