Interdisciplinary design leader who thrives at the intersection of design and technology.

From ideation to launch, I thrive on bringing ideas to life, utilizing data to inform design decisions, and using emerging technology to solve complex problems that will positively impact users' lives.

Patient Support Program
Spearheaded the design of a data-driven Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for Spain, establishing the foundation of a scalable, cost-efficient Patient Support Program, leading to a 30% increase in enrollments in under three months. Implemented a design system that allowed the program to scale to Germany and Switzerland in weeks instead of months.
Responsible for: Information Architecture, Wireframes, User Interface Design, Design System, Documentation, Brand Guidelines, Content Strategy, Usability Testing, Quality Assurance, Accessibility Testing
Supply Chain & Enterprise Management App
Conceptualized and prototyped a proof of concept for a supply chain and enterprise management solution, securing $20 million in funding and managed an 8-member cross-functional team that launched the cloud-based application, delivering real-time decision-making capabilities and improving transparency across a $1 trillion program with 8 global partners.
Responsible for: Research and Discovery, Wireframes, Information Architecture, User Interface Design, Prototyping, User Testing, Quality Assurance, Accessibility Testing
CES Mobile App
A mobile app that provides a personalized experience at the world's premier tech event for attendees and exhibitors at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Key features of the app included:
Responsible for: Wireframes, Prototyping, User Testing, User Interface Design, Design Documentation
I was embedded as a member of the product team at the U.S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. We worked to redesign and launch a scalable health insurance marketplace and streamline the enrollment process for, which has provided over 50 million people with improved access to health insurance.
Responsible for: Information Architecture, Wireframes, User Interface Design, Usability Testing, Design Documentation, Quality Assurance,
District Wharf
Launched in 2017 and still in use today, the fully responsive web experience was built to support the grand opening of the $3.6 billion mixed-use neighborhood that established Washington, D.C., as a waterfront city.
Responsible for: Wireframes, Information Architecture, User Interface Design, Quality Assurance, Digital Accessibility, User Testing
Cohn & Wolfe
From initial research and discovery through brand development and rollout of a digital strategy, I led a multi-disciplinary team that worked with multiple stakeholders at Cohn & Wolfe to redesign every aspect of their brand.
Responsible for: Conceptualizing, Wireframes, Prototyping, User Interface Design
The Kingdom
This site as like all movie sites is used to market the film and in this case provide the users with an in-depth experience that both informs you about the film, but also educates with a lot of fact based information.
Art Direction, Design, Interaction Design, Web Design
The Bourne Ultimatum
I was the lead Art Director on the design of the official movie site for 'The Bourne Ultimatum.' The site won FWA Site of the Day on 8.19.07
Art Direction, Design, Storyboarding
Legendary Pictures: Pitch Slides
These are a series of design screens that were used to pitch concepts to key stakeholders at Legendary Pictures. Feedback from these meetings helped guide and inform the design for the Legendary Pictures web experience.
Responsible for: Creative Direction, Visual Design, Photo Editing, Presentation Design, User Interface Design, Motion Design, Storyboarding
Legendary Pictures
Design comps for Legendary Pictures
Art Direction, Design, Web Design
A Mighty Heart
The film site for the true story of the murder of Wall Street journalist Daniel Pearl and the experience that his wife and unborn child went through; the site provides the users with how the chain of events unfolded.
Art Direction, Design, Web Design
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